Riding with unlevel stirrups can affect horse’s movement, research finds *H&H Plus*

After research has shown rider asymmetry can have a negative impact on a horse’s movement, riders are being encouraged to seek advice from expert practitioners working as a team to resolve any imbalance in their position. H&H speaks to biomechanics specialist Dr MacKechnie-Guire and coach Brigid Grant to find out more...

Research that found uneven stirrups can have a negative effect on equine movement emphasises the importance of teamwork in approaching rider asymmetry issues, its author believes.

Russell MacKechnie-Guire led a team looking at the effects of induced rider asymmetry, as part of a study published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

Dr MacKechnie-Guire told H&H the team used experienced riders, who were assessed by a physio to ensure they had no inherent asymmetry, and saddle fit was checked.

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