Little and large share spoils in thriller puissance #BestOfBolesworth *H&H Plus*

  • Two very different horses cleared 2m 12cm to win a thrilling puissance at Bolesworth. H&H spoke to both riders

    It was little and large in the Saturday night (8 August) puissance at Bolesworth, as a 17.3hh and a compact 16hh shared the spoils.

    Elliot Smith on the rangy Flamboyant and Louise Saywell on new ride Edgarrento cleared 2m 12cm in the fifth round to be crowned joint winners at the British Showjumping national championships.

    Louise, who has been riding the 11-year-old for four weeks, went into the class with no expectations.

    “I don’t know if he’s jumped one before but he’d been running a bit and we thought it might back him off, that’s the only reason we went in it,” she said. “He’s jumped some big grands prix, and we were sent him to see what we could do with him; he’s got all the jump.”

    Spectators may have noticed Edgarrento was wearing what appeared to be a fly mask but was a close-fitting hood.

    “It might be a complete myth but it’s said it makes them more easy and comfortable,” Louise said, adding that the fabric contains titanium liquid. Asked whether it made a difference, she grinned, and nodded towards the ring.

    “It seemed to!” she said. “He loves his job, and is always super up for it. It depends what happens [with Covid] but we’ll look at doing some grands prix with him – and after that performance, a few more puissances!”

    Elliot caught eyes as in his first three rounds, he brought the big gelding back to a walk on the turn before the wall.

    “We did it at his first puissance here last year and it seemed to work,” he said. “So we’ve stuck with it, but he also likes a bit of change, which is why I didn’t do it on the last rounds.

    “For a big horse, he’s quite sensitive, and loves his Polos, and he’s a big jumper but also really sweet; he’s our big friendly giant.”

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