‘Go in and win it!’ Thursday’s national championships winners #BestofBolesworth *H&H Plus*

  • A rider won her championship on a mare she had sat on twice before the show, also taking second and fourth in the same class

    Rumbolds Starlight’s owner Simon Davies told Megan Li to “go in and win it” before the children on horses championship — and she did in fine style, also taking second place on Edinburgh and fourth on Ego.

    “I said ‘ok’!” Megan said, adding that she had only sat on the 10-year-old mare twice before the show. “Michael Duffy rode her before me so there was quite a lot of pressure but I’m really grateful Simon gave me the ride, she’s amazing.”

    Megan aged 16, is in her last year of this class and is also competing ponies.

    “My ponies are quite like horses so it’s not too bad riding both — although I did see a horse stride in the 148 championship, and had a bit of a dodgy one!” she said.

    “I was first to go in the jump-off and wasn’t sure it had been enough as I knew there were some fast people to come but I just went for it. As it turned out, I jumped the only two double clears so I didn’t have to go for it, but I was lucky to jump clear.”

    It was a good show for 11-year-old Bella Wild, who added a win in the pony discovery final on seven-year-old Llewellyn Brave Dancer to her victory in the “Just for Schools” 70cm final on Thornberry Minuet.

    Bella took the ride on Annie Lloyd’s 148cm gelding two years ago, at which time “her legs didn’t come past the saddle flaps”.

    Of 30 starters, only eight made it to the jump-off, and Bella’s was the fastest of only three double clears.

    “She was second to go, so she really had to blitz the time and put the pressure on the others,” said mum Cara. “There were some top riders to come and she was a bit worried she hadn’t done enough, but she took a stride out to the last, so she hoped it would be ok. She was so happy with him.

    “He’s a cheeky character with the biggest heart; if she’s ever in trouble, he’ll always put in a long one and help her out.”

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