Groom seriously injured in fall appealing court decision after failed compensation bid *H&H Plus*

  • H&H reports on the outcome of a recent case, where the crux of the decision came down to what caused the horse to rear...

    A GROOM who will likely never ride again after a horse reared up and landed on her is appealing the High Court’s verdict after losing her claim for compensation.

    Lisa Ford, 41, sustained serious pelvic injuries in September 2018, while out with the Beaufort Hunt, when the horse she was riding reared up, landed on her and died of a suspected heart attack.

    There was no allegation of negligence against her employer, Jonathan Seymour-Williams, rather the claim was for compensation for her injuries and consequential losses under the Animals Act 1971. Ms Ford spent her life working with horses and the severity of her injuries means she is unlikely to ride again.