Home-produced Welsh D scores 192/200 to top LandS Style and Performance show *H&H Plus*

  • A new type of showing competition – the LandS Style and Performance show held at Dallas Burston Polo Club, Warks — was well received, with organiser Loraine Homer having exciting plans for the future...

    WHILE her back number – 13 – might have suggested she was in for an unlucky day, home-producer Hayley Dolby defied the formbook and achieved the highest score of the LandS Style and Performance show on 31 October aboard her own Welsh section D Pendancer Mickey Bricks.

    Mickey, a 14hh, 11-year-old gelding, was awarded 192 out of 200 for his performance in the 30-strong 80cm class. Hayley has owned Mickey – who was an accidental foal – since he was four months old.


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