Spotlight on eventing refunds as concerns raised over future entries *H&H Plus*

As competitors await news on whether they will receive refunds from fixtures cancelled at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, H&H seeks reaction from riders and asks British Eventing whether entries will be covered should a tightening of restrictions lead to future events being lost...

British Eventing (BE) is working on a “worst case scenario” for future events as riders and owners are still waiting on news of refunds from lost fixtures.

Many competitors are waiting for their entry fees to be returned for events cancelled owing to the coronavirus pandemic. For some, this figure is hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

BE shared a summary of how events might work while maintaining social distancing on 18 May (news, 21 May). This included no extra public or spectators, online payments, print-at-home numbers, riders encouraged or mandated to do volunteering shifts, and strict penalties (disqualification and rejection of future entries) if social distancing measures are not adhered to.

But riders and owners, including those waiting for refunds from cancelled fixtures, have queried what will happen to their entry fees should affiliated events run under this new model be forced to cancel if the government re-introduced restrictions.

BE chief executive Jude Matthews told H&H this remains unclear.

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