Jacqueline Coward: A bit of craic [H&H VIP]

  • I’ve just returned from a super hunting trip in Ireland with the Kilkenny. There were 10 of us Brits on the trip, and all jockeys.

    The Anglo-Irish Challenge has made us all a lot closer and that is how the trip came about. A group was set up on Facebook and we organised it that way.

    The two Toms [Weston and Ellis] took the falls for us all, although Robbie Henderson had his fair share, too.

    Thankfully the girls did much better — I have to admit I am still recovering from a groin strain from riding the exceptionally wide Bob The Cob!

    Much fun was had by all, and Neil Walsh from Tattersalls did a great job of being in charge.

    Keeping connected

    Technology has come on so much over the years. It’s making life a lot easier, particularly where racing is concerned.

    It is so easy to find people on Facebook, and it’s opened a lot more avenues for me as a rider.

    I’ve been asked to ride and school horses and complete questionnaires, all via the internet.

    It makes me sad to say it, but if you don’t have access to the web these days, you are at a definite disadvantage.

    News and updates can be seen by thousands in a matter of seconds — and not having access to the internet can mean people miss out on things.

    I’ve found it particularly helpful for getting weather and going updates. Most courses have someone reporting on social media directly from the course, giving going updates and results as they happen, which is a great way to keep people connected.

    However, we still need to remember those who aren’t connected for whatever reason, and keep up traditional methods of communication.

    Not everyone has access to the internet or knows how to work Twitter or Facebook.

    My grandparents don’t understand the internet at all, and would be totally out of touch if that was the only means of communication.

    Ref: Horse & Hound; 26 February 2015