Ways to learn new equestrian skills from home *H&H Plus*

Since the Covid-19 lockdown, online learning is all the rage. Leslie Bliss takes a look at what it has to offer those who wish to upskill from the comfort of their own home...

Everyone’s doing it. From toddlers to pensioners, all and sundry have embraced e-learning since the Covid-19 lockdown. Learning online is more accessible and enjoyable than ever.

As the entire country has been confined, video conferencing has suddenly become mainstream. Everyone is using it – Zoom, Facetime, Microsoft Teams, Skype and Cisco WebEx to name but a few – from the BBC with its daily government coronavirus press conferences to Have I Got News For You, as well as schools and universities.

Online education providers have been inundated since the lockdown as e-learning has come into its own, even for equestrians. No, you can’t beat practical experience, but there is a huge amount you can learn.

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