The indoor dream: What to consider if you’re thinking of creating an indoor arena *H&H Plus*

  • As summer ends, our thoughts turn to coping with whatever wintry weather is in store. Hannah Lemieux finds out what you need to consider if investing in an indoor school

    Every rider will have most likely dreamt about access to an indoor arena at some point. Whether it is during the heat of high summer or the lashings of rain and unbearable cold of the winter, an indoor arena will be on many riders’ wishlists.

    Should this dream become a reality, deciding where to start with constructing an indoor arena can be a minefield of information – where to put it, installation of the correct base and drainage, and, of course, what surface to put down.

    If you have an existing building that you think would make a perfect indoor school, the best place to start is by contacting your local council and establishing if and what planning permission is required; then you can move on to the practicalities.