All in a day’s work: racing commentator Richard Hoiles *H&H Plus*

ITV Racing’s Richard Hoiles on speed-learning racing colours, Denman vs Kauto and why he’s not “a yeller”

I’m one of those nauseating people that had never commentated before, applied for a job in the Sporting Life, and got it. I was so naive, I didn’t realise at first that I had to send a demo tape; the rejection letter crossed with the tape I eventually sent, which got me the job!

The key to commentating is accuracy and finding a rhythm that’s comfortable for the listener. The most surprising skill is not to over-learn, to trust yourself and allow your brain to be uncluttered. Some days I struggle to put a sentence out but others, in a competitive six-furlong sprint, I know I’ve got five or so lines in my head that might work. When you’re on it, you feel so alive.

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