Why Leicestershire is a great place for equestrians to live *H&H Plus*

  • Prime hunting country and proper countryside make Leicestershire and Rutland an attractive proposition for equestrian house-buyers, at competitive prices

    IF Leicestershire is the heart of rural England, then the horse is surely the heart of Leicestershire. Few counties can boast quite so many links with the equestrian world, and those roots run deep.

    If the inviting hedges and rolling countryside don’t set every rider imagining the feeling of galloping across the open fields, the fox emblem synonymous with the county serves as a reminder that this is considered by many to be the birthplace of hunting. Chasing foxes is consigned to the past, but hunting within the law is very much part of the area’s present and future.

    Alongside this heritage, a broader and thriving equestrian industry is blooming – sport horses, leisure horses, riding schools, military horses, racehorses, heavy horses – which makes Leicestershire and neighbouring jewel Rutland a special place to live and ride.

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