The Horse & Hound Podcast: episode 30 – Battle of the disciplines Christmas quiz

  • In our 30th weekly episode of the first series of The Horse & Hound Podcast, we are switching away from our usual format to bring you a fun quiz in which pairs of elite riders from each of the Olympic sports compete in our battle of the discplines. So who will be crowned our festive winners? Listen now to find out...

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    In episode 30, we depart from our usual format to mark the festive season with a fun quiz that we have called our “battle of the disciplines”. Eventers Gemma Tattersall and Tina Cook, showjumpers Scott Brash and William Funnell, and dressage riders Spencer Wilton and Louise Bell have been great sports by taking on the challenge, while H&H’s Polly Bryan acts as our quiz master.

    If you’re looking for some fun entertainment over Christmas, then it’s definitely worth finding 45mins to listen with plenty of banter between the riders as their competitive natures come to the fore. To help whet your appetite, here are just a few snippets of how the riders responded when asked if they had been swotting up…

    “Well I had all the best intentions, but no…” –Tina Cook

    “I’ve never done homework in my life…” – Gemma Tattersall

    “I can’t believe the other discplines have any knowledge like us” – William Funnell

    “I’m just going to be an ornament. With you being slightly older than me Willy, I’m expecting you to be fully swotted up on it all” – Scott Brash

    “I hope Spenny has…” – Louise Bell

    “I’ve been revising all day” – Spencer Wilton

    So did William Funnell’s confidence prove justified? And did Spencer’s revision pay off? Listen now to find out…

    We hope you will enjoy our latest episode and would love to hear your feedback, so please do send your thoughts to pippa.roome@futurenet.com

    H&H Plus podcast: episode 30

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