Goodnight – Tessa Waugh’s hunting diary: prosecco for elevenses *H&H Plus*

Tessa Waugh finds herself quite giddy with the excitement of leaving the premises for a Sunday drive – even if it is just to deliver a bale of hay to friends the other side of town

Sundays have become a bit samey recently. As I stood peeling potatoes in my customary place between the sink and the oven, on yet another Sunday morning, I felt a bit fed up.

I think I must have voiced these feelings to Adam. Or perhaps it was the face like thunder and aggressive body language that did the trick. Anyway, when the next weekend rolled around, he was ready with a suggestion.

“I need to deliver a bale of hay to Franki and Steve,” he said, referring to friends who live nearby. “Perhaps we could all go? Bit of an airing for the wife?”