‘We want our horses to be the nicest at an event’: how business is booming for these young horse producers *H&H Plus*

The future looks bright for Vicky Tu s and Andrew Williams, as their business producing young event horses goes from strength to strength. Catherine Austen meets them

“Despite the virus, we’ve had our best year,” says Vicky Tuffs. She and her business partner Andrew Williams are sitting in the kitchen at Great House Farm, in mid-December. It is the physical centrepoint of GHF Equestrian, the event horse sales and production business that they run together.

Perched on the side of an emerald-green Welsh valley just outside of Usk, it is possibly the closest thing to the Sheanes’ Cooley Farm that Britain offers. At the top of the complex is Andrew’s newly built house, then Vicky and her husband Craig Pritchard’s, where they live with their two small boys. Vicky’s parents, whose free-range chicken and egg business this site originally housed, live next door.

The site slopes down to three interlinking yards that have capacity for 27 horses. At the bottom of the hill is a huge outdoor school, naturally protected from the Welsh weather.

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