Meet the prison officer who has also appeared in blockbusters as a stunt double *H&H Plus*

  • Amy Obiajulu on taking a break from prison work to star in Wonder Woman 1984, and how she deals with stress

    How I got the job was a bit of a fluke. I’m not a stunt rider, it’s not something that had ever entered my head. A horsey acquaintance called me out the blue and said: “Amy, a friend of mine is working on the new Wonder Woman film and they are struggling to find mixed-race females who can ride – can I pass on your phone number?” So I said, “Of course!”

    I didn’t hear anything for about 10 days after the first session at the Devil’s Horsemen, so assumed they didn’t want me. When they called me back for the second audition there were three of us; I thought, “Oh, I’ve got competition now”.

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