All in a day’s work: Cooley Farm horse dealer Richard Sheane *H&H Plus*

Cooley Farm’s Richard Sheane on dealing 100 horses a year and why no one wanted a future world champion

I left school at 13 and went to work for international showjumpers Jack and Edward Doyle, but I had it in mind that ultimately I’d buy and sell horses myself. I started with one or two a year, working with clients’ horses as an agent, before realising I’d be better off owning them and doing all the work myself.

About 15 years ago I started buying more horses and Cooley was born. My wife Georgina chose the name — I’m from Coolnakilly and she’s from Ballinacoola, and we didn’t want Cool horses, hence Cooley. We wanted a prefix that is easy to pronounce in any language, because many Irish prefixes are unpronounceable.