Access all areas: H&H visits dressage rider Laura Tomlinson’s new base *H&H Plus*

German efficiency and Cotswold charm characterise Laura Tomlinson’s new base; Martha Terry spends a morning at home with the Olympian

If she weren’t so warm and smiley, it would be hard not to feel just a teensy bit jealous of Laura Tomlinson. Aside from bagging Olympic gold and bronze medals aged just 27, she has a state-of-the-art new yard, complete with a clutch of classy horses and the requisite gaggle of delightful dogs. Not to mention the fact she snapped back into shape, à la Kate Middleton, seemingly straight after having her third child.

When H&H visits, Laura’s three-year-old son Wilfred is out on the digger with the groundsman, while a brilliant nanny, Jane, wheels baby Hanni around near the stables, enabling Laura to concentrate on her job.

“We hope Jane never leaves, even when the children grow up,” laughs Laura.

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