Gargling problems — and 11 other things you didn’t know about Laura Tomlinson

  • From coconut balls to passing out drunk in a lift, here are 12 things you didn’t know about dressage star Laura Tomlinson

    1. I hate spiders, I love mac cheese, most of all when cooked by Jay Halim!

    2. I don’t go out for a big night often, but when I do it’s MESSY! I usually end up break-dancing, which is not something I can claim to really be able to do.

    3. I can’t gargle. In my family if you have a sore throat you get made to gargle, but I can’t to do it and it’s become a bit of a thing.

    4. I love cooking. My husband Mark and daughter Annalisa demand my banana pancakes at least once a week for breakfast. I’ve also got really into ‘Deliciously Ella’ recently. I make raw cacao and coconut energy balls which taste great and are so good for competition breaks between horses if there isn’t time for a proper meal.

    5. My proudest cooking moment to date is the birthday cake I made Annalisa from scratch for her 1st birthday…see pic!

    6. I love sports, especially tennis and skiing.

    7. I am a bit OCD about things. I always check my tack before I get on; the girth has to be on the same hole both sides and the noseband and brow band have to be level and straight.

    8. I’m a total softy. I can’t watch any Disney without shedding some tears. This has definitely got worse since I had Annalisa.

    9. I’m terrible at trying to keep a straight face when Annalisa is being naughty or not doing as she is told.

    10. I’m very into music and my brother Felix is in a brilliant band called Curse of Lono. I also love old school stuff like the Rolling Stones, Creedance Clearwater Revival and U2. The Lumineers are my favourite newer band, but when I go out I love cheese and latino stuff from all the time I spent in Argentina!

    11. Jay and I did some Zumba classes together and we were advised to do a teaching course to take the classes… nice to know we have options if horses should fail at any time!

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    12. My most embarrassing moment was probably at the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. I had just finished and won three silver medals and all of team GBR were at the hotel bar celebrating. My brothers and I (we took gold in drinking) challenged Scott Brash to a running race and everyone in the bar came out to watch. He kicked my butt (mainly because I could barely walk let alone run — rematch required!). I then passed out in the lift still in my white breeches and stock shirt and medals on. Don’t try this one at home!

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