Zebra advertised for sale as circus sells animals

  • New owners are being sought for a group of performing horses and a zebra whose owner has decided to stop using animals in his circus.

    Martin Lacey runs the Great British Circus, which also features tigers. Mr Lacey said he was stopping using animals because the Government was seeking to ban the use of wild animals in circuses.

    “I am 70 this year so have decided to finish now,” he told H&H.

    He will continue to run the Great British Circus.

    Mr Lacey’s group of four Friesians, a zebra and two other horses that perform a “little and large” act are advertised for sale in H&H.

    “Humbug” the zebra is a 12.2hh gelding and the last of a family bred by Mr Lacey.

    “I’ve had mum, dad and three babies,” he said. “Four have gone to a private collector, along with some of my camels.

    “They’re well handled and are like pets,” he said.

    “They’re like family -but we have some very stupid people who think you have to knock seven bells out of them to make them do anything.”

    Mr Lacey said he had received several enquiries from people wanting individual horses, but would prefer them to go as a group.

    “The animals have all worked together all their lives,” he said.

    For more information contact martinlaceyprivate@gmail.com

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