Youths travel 1,600 miles on Camargue horses from France to London

  • A team of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds recently completed a gruelling six-month trek from the South of France to London on horseback.

    Five British youths, chosen by The Princes Trust, and five French youngsters, chosen from the French Sauvegarde 56 — their equivalent — rode young Camargue horses over 1,600 miles.

    Several of the team had never left their own country before and many suffer from learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

    After completing their journey the horses were donated to Riding for the Disabled centres in Britain and France.

    “Before this trip we thought we had problems, but going to the disabled riding schools really made us think that we are the lucky ones and made up realise we take life for granted,” said one of the team members.

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