Young riders beat tough challenge

  • The British Endurance Young Riders squad travelled to France over the weekend of 27/28 July to take part in the tough 130k Moulins Engilbert FEI Ride in France.

    The object of the exercise was to ensure that as many young riders and their horses as possible are qualified to compete in the World Championships being held in Spain later this year.

    Nine squad combinations were taking part in the race, but several other riders were there to support and crew their fellow riders.

    Starting at 6.00am from the Market Square, the route climbed up through the mountains for the first 30k. to Vet Gate 1 at Arleuf. Sadly at this point Brianna Egan and Midnight Countess were vetted out with a slight lameness.

    The remaining eight continued on.About half way to vet gate 2, Laura Davies Holloway and Malutki retired on the course, rather tired, and not willing to push the horse any further.All the others were success getting through the second vetgate, again at Arleuf. Rider speed was carefully monitored by the management team, to ensure that none of the riders dropped below the requisite 10k per hour.

    From Arleuf, the ride route was still very tough as it wound its way gradually down to the third vet gate at the venue in Moulins.

    As the horses were coming in to the third vet gate, the sun broke through, and the heat was intense. The remaining horses went through this gate successfully, with the exception of Electric Blue and Lucy Taylor, who were eliminated at the compulsory re presentation just before leaving the gate, as Electric Blues pulse was too high.

    Out onto the final 22k loop, the horses were looking good, and the last six got through the final vet check successfully.The race itself was won by Jack Begaud on Canelle Rio at a speed of 15.kphBeccy Broughton, who was also competing at the ride with Murmansk completed in 19th place with a speed of 11.34 kph, and was the highest placed foreign woman rider

    The remainder of the squad, completed the ride at an average speed of 10.9 kph.

    There were 96 starters, 43 finishers, and the last successful completion came in at 10.27 kph

    Successful squad members were:

  • Anna Welch, Blue Zirocco

  • Anna Williams, Khairiho

  • Vicky Brown, Simply Chloe

  • Catriona Moon, Wotan Caili

  • Sam Oakes, Yamavah

  • Sarah Tyson, Diamond Dynasty

    Fiona Hamilton and Burfield Queen Bee did not attend the race, as they are both already qualified.

    Chris Rose did not compete, as his mount, Angus Mcleod was not able to compete.

    The selectors now have to choose a team to represent Britain at the World Championships. This selection will take place in the next few days

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