Woah, Shamrock! Wocket Woy and the Producer to the rescue

  • He achieved internet fame when a video of his unsuccessful attempts to control a former racehorse went viral – and now he’s the star of Wocket Woy’s latest video.

    Nearly three million people have watched Woah Shamrock!, Nick Bull’s head camera record of what was supposed to be a quiet hack.

    Nick’s despairing cries of “Woah” – and some colourful language – had no effect and the ride ended with him landing unceremoniously in the mud.

    So Nick, who has only been riding for a year, called in internet stars Wocket Woy and the Producer.

    Mattie Batchelor and Marc Goldstein, who share videos on Facebook every Saturday, went to “deepest darkest Cornwall” to meet Nick and Shamrock and share some tips.

    “He just needed to hone some of his riding skills,” said Mattie. “He could be really badly injured if he fell off Shamrock again and ended up rolling around on the ground.

    “The Producer and I are always glad to share our experiences and contribute to wider safety.”

    The video shows Mattie and Shamrock having a private “conversation”, after which Nick was put on to a rather different horse to the one he was expecting.

    “On reviewing Nick’s video, we could see immediately where he went wrong,” Marc said. “So we got him up on a pretend horse to practise his vocals, then moved him to his 14-year-old daughter Abby’s thoroughbred, Olive, while Mattie instructed him from on board Shamrock.

    “We could see Nick’s confidence gradually build up with our tuition, so we put him back on Shamrock and showed him how to do the unique Wocket Woy move, which would really help in a future situation.”

    Nick praised Wocket Woy and the Producer’s techniques. “No one else could have delivered the ‘alternative’ training methods they employed,” he said. “After putting their tips into practice, Shamrock was soon behaving himself again and I felt confident enough to ride him back home from the school.”

    Feeling more confident, Nick took Shamrock for another ride…

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