Winning Christmas donkey will enjoy rare red and green apple

  • Members of the public are being asked to vote for their favourite Christmas donkey — and the winning animal’s prize will be an extremely rare apple.

    A rare golden delicious apple made national headlines in September. The apple is split exactly in half – half red, the other green.

    According to The Donkey Sanctuary experts believe the odds of finding an apple like this are a million to one.

    In return for a donation supporters are being asked to vote for which of the Sanctuary’s Twelve Donkeys of Christmas should be fed the apple.

    Wilson, Angel, Clementine, Holly, Gabriel, Joy, Twinkle, Joseph, Stardust, Tinsel, Silver and Mary are all eagerly awaiting the rare apple.

    According to the charity the apple has been specially wrapped and refrigerated, keeping it “donkey fresh”.

    The Sidmouth-based charity is aiming to raise £144, which is what the sanctuary spends weekly on apples and carrots.

    With more than three thousand donkeys in their permanent care, bills at The Donkey Sanctuary can reach over £7,495 per year on apples and carrots alone.

    The Donkey Sanctuary will feed the apple to the donkey that has received the most votes by 4 December.

    To vote visit: www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk

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