Willberry on TV: did you spot the famous equine in this prime time drama?

  • Eagle-eyed viewers of the hit series Broadchurch may have recognised a rather familiar looking pony on last week’s episode.

    One of the Willberry Wonder Pony clan could be spotted comforting the youngest daughter of the Latimer family — Lizzie — on Monday’s (10 April) show.

    According to the charity’s official Facebook page, it was not a coincidence and was in fact a cameo by “Mavisberry”.

    “So who spotted our very own Mavisberry with a starring role on Broadchurch this week?” the charity posted on social media the next day.

    Willberry Wonder Pony is a charity set up by the late Hannah Francis, named after the cuddly toy pony who would “blog” about the teenager’s life, experiences and challenges following her cancer diagnosis in 2015.

    Willberry was the original mascot, but the family managed to find several other identical toy ponies who help to promote the charity through being photographed with top riders and enjoying extraordinary experiences.

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    Mavisberry’s adventures took her to Aachen last year, where she met up with Michael Jung, Zara Phillips, Tina Cook, Laura Collett and Chris Burton.

    She also spent time on set with none other than David Tennant and Olivia Coleman, who play detectives Hardy and Miller, in the primetime ITV drama.

    The toy’s visit to the set, which took place during filming in July, was recorded on David’s fan page.

    The actors posed for photos with the toy, who also went for a ride in the police car.

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