‘We have our way and they have theirs’: bitless rider’s dressage petition

  • A passionate rider has launched a petition for bitless bridles to be allowed in dressage competitions at all levels.

    Spain-based Amelia Jayne Betney, 18, has been riding bitless for a year and enjoys dressage and showjumping with her three horses.

    Her petition, addressed to the Spanish equestrian federation, calls for a revision of dressage rules to allow bitless bridles.

    “I choose to ride without a bit because I believe it’s much healthier and more natural for the horse,” Amelia told H&H.

    “You can communicate in such an impressive way without having anything in the horse’s mouth.

    “Since I went bitless my horses are much happier and more willing to work.”

    Amelia’s petition has received more than 700 signatures.

    In the petition she states that her goal is to create a separate class or classes for those who compete without a bit.

    “That way we’re not bothering people who ride with a bit,” Amelia said. “We have our method and they have theirs, but why should we be criticised and punished for not wanting to use a bit?

    “I’ve had so many people from all over the world telling me how much they’d love to compete bitless but it’s simply not allowed.

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    “I want to try and make it possible for everyone around the world to ride bitless in all levels of dressage, from preliminary tests up to grand prix.

    “I want to help others who want to compete in dressage bitless and also make it possible for myself.”

    Do you think bitless bridles should be allowed in dressage? Please share your thoughts by sending in a letter to hhletters@timeinc.com

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