Watch as showjumper recovers from jump-off fall to be in the money

  • Hitting the floor proved to be no obstacle to this tenacious combination – who went on not only to complete the course, but to finish fifth (see video, below).

    Sally Goding’s ride Tiger Millie came down on landing from an upright in the jump-off of the 1.35m evening class at Crofton Manor, Hampshire, on Saturday (29 October).

    But the 10-year-old mare regained her feet, and carried on, clearing the last two fences to finish in the money.

    “I couldn’t believe it,” Sally told H&H.

    “She scrambled up and I was panicking, wondering if she was ok, but she felt completely sound, and was looking for the next jump.

    “I thought: ‘Two more, let’s keep going!’”

    Sally said the fall “felt less dramatic than it looked” in the video, which was taken by her mother Debbie Goding.

    “I’d been nervous about the turn into that line, and was so elated that we’d made it, I was on the floor before I knew it,” she said.

    “Your adrenaline’s high and you’re not thinking clearly, but afterwards, I realised it was a lucky escape.

    “When Millie first went down, I thought I was gone, but as her back end hit the ground and then she came up off the floor, it pushed me back into the saddle and we were up and running again.

    “I even managed to keep both my stirrups, which was amazing.”

    The vet checked Millie the next day and she has since had physiotherapy “but she’s absolutely fine – she’s pretty tough,” Sally said.

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    Sally’s aim was to jump Millie in the Addington Manor grand prix this coming weekend if she is still unaffected by the fall, before heading to Keysoe’s international show (25-27 November).

    “I’d love to jump Nations Cups on her as I think she’s talented enough to go all the way,” said Sally, who works part-time in recruitment and rides her own and owners’ horses.

    “But time will tell. She’s amazing; such a brave and honest mare.”

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