Watch out – horsebox thieves about!

  • South Essex Insurance Brokers has published a new leaflet to offer horsebox owners advice on the best way to protect their vehicle.

    The leaflet also helps people to keep up-to-date with the latest investigations into horsebox theft.

    “Theft of horseboxes on the increase and this is the main reason for premium increases,” said SEIB manging director, Barry Fehler.

    The majority of thefts occur from livery stables, private land or garages and the vehicles are seldom recovered.

    Advice onhow to protect your horsebox from thieves includes:

  • Don’t leave it outside other premises.
  • On private land, keep it close to inhabited buildings.
  • Fit a tracker device or manual cut-out switch. Alternatively, remove the battery orsteering wheel.
  • Take photographs of any destinguishing marks to prove ownership.
  • Report anyone or anything which you consider suspicious.
  • Have a vehicle data check on any second hand vehicle which you buy.
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