Watch Jack Russell showjumping on miniature horse

  • A new showjumping partnership has been hitting the headlines despite never jumping higher than two foot.

    Miniature horse Spanky and Jack Russell Dally have taken social media by storm for their impressive jumping skills.

    The pair’s Facebook page, where fans can watch their latest antics, has attracted more than 16,000 likes and is growing by the day.

    Dally and Spanky are based in Washington and perform at shows in the United Stated and Canada.

    Spanky was rescued by Rother Horsemanship as an overweight two-year-old who was “aggressive to people and other horses”.

    However, through patient training he slowly learnt to be respectful of those around him.

    “Within a year he was a changed horse – although his personality stayed intact,” said a Rother Horsemanship spokesman.

    Initially Spanky was taught him some tricks, such as bowing, lying down, rolling over and the Spanish walk, then the ranch adopted Jack Russell Dally, who was the runt of the litter.

    “Dally was only six months old, but would watch trainer Francesca work with Spanky,” the Rother spokesman said.

    “One day, she hopped up onto Spanky’s back from a step stool and that day they became inseparable.”

    Spanky and Dally have since mastered jumping together and have appeared at several major equestrian events.

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    They have also featured on the US’s David Letterman Show and even released their own book titled The great adventures of Dally and Spanky.

    A special edition Breyer model of Dally and Spanky is set to be released in July, when the duo are scheduled to perform at this year’s BreyerFest.

    They will be part of the celebration of horses show at the Kentucky event.

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