Showjumping dinosaur takes the internet by storm

  • A horse-riding dinosaur has taken the internet by storm.

    Bizarre clips centring on a man dressed in an inflatable tyrannosaurus rex outfit have received countless views from a worldwide audience.

    “Ralph the Rex” documents the dinosaur’s adventures and he can be seen conducting various activities, including riding.

    In a recent video, captioned “Happiest t-rex ever”, Ralph walks, trots, canters and even jumps.

    His well-behaved bay mount appears unfazed by his rider’s unusual attire, despite Rex’s tail flapping in the air.

    The pair canter round the arena and pop several jumps in the clip.

    Rex is also seen putting up a fallen pole and falling over a fence he attempts to jump on foot.

    The video, published on Tuesday (13 September), has been viewed more than 600,000 times, shared more 8,000 times and received 5,600 likes.

    “I’m surprised the horse even let that thing come near it,” said Kellie Thompson on Facebook.

    “Rex” replied that it was “definitely a task”.

    Shayna Marie Carey added: “That horse is worth its weight in gold.

    “Very nice form and very focused even with a giant t-rex costume flopping in the wind.

    “Plus great rider I can’t imagine wearing that costume would be very easy to ride in, let alone jump in — so kudos! Plus I couldn’t stop laughing.”

    Others pointed out the safety issue of riding a horse in such an outfit.

    “This is awesome but so dangerous,” said Amanda Leigh Lepelstat.

    “I have one of these suits and I know how foggy and steamy it gets in there.”

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    Meanwhile Jayme Landry Nault quipped: “Is this horse for sale? Because I need something this bombproof!”

    The bizarre internet craze began in October last year and now Ralph the Rex can be found on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    More than 170,000 people follow Ralph on Facebook.

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