Vote for your favourite H&H cover

Here’s your chance to vote for the best Horse & Hound cover of 2002 from magazine editor Lucy Higginson’s list of top 10 favourites.

Choose from the images below, then register your vote in this week’s survey on the right hand side of the page. The most popular cover will be announced in the new year.

A: 21 February 2002
Guy Williams and Be Precise

B: 2 May 2002
Wyndham St John and Oliver

C: 6 June 2002
Susan Crawford’s We Three Kings

D: 20 June 2002
Hamptonne Wild Orchid

E: 15 August 2002
Helen Baker riding side-saddle

F: 5 September 2002
William Fox-Pitt on Highland Lad

G: 19 September 2002
Hunting’s March preview

H: 10 October 2002
Nick Skelton and Arko.

I: 7 November 2002
Imperial Dawn (Christmas)

J: 14 November 2002
Zara Phillip on Senor El Betrutti

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