Virtual hound show hopes to entertain and educate

  • With the cancellation of all major hound shows this year owing to the global Covid-19 pandemic, a “virtual hound show” has been launched to provide fans of hunting and hounds all over the world with some entertainment – and possibly education.

    The International Virtual Hound Show will run online from 17 July-21 August. Entries are invited from registered packs in the UK, Ireland, France, North America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

    A panel of judges will assess the hounds through photographs and video footage, and the public are also invited to make their choices by voting online. Participating packs may enter a pledge lot in the online silent auction, the proceeds of which will go either to the hunt or to its nominated charity.

    Organiser Richard Walton said: “At a time when so many families and communities are affected by Covid-19, the International Virtual Hound Show (IVHS) provides the global hunting community with a five-week opportunity to escape to the wonderful world of hunting with hounds.

    “This is an opportunity to entertain, inspire and share learning about hounds from around the globe, and do some fundraising for hunts and their charities. The IVHS appeals to a diverse global family of hound enthusiasts.

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    “Each pack will showcase the best of their hounds to an international audience and help build upon the existing ‘hunting with hounds ’ community around the world.”

    There are around 30 different “rings”, providing opportunities for various types of American and French hounds, beagles, bassets, minkhounds and staghounds, as well as the categories with which a British hound show enthusiast is familiar – modern English, old English, fell, hill and Welsh. The harrier classes cater for studbook, West Country, New Zealand and Irish harriers, both mounted and foot.

    For more information, visit the website or email honsec@virtualhoundshow.com

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