Vigilance urged as attacks escalate

Police are urging owners to be vigilant, following a sharp rise in the number of aggressions to horses around the UK.

In recent months, there has been a spate of incidents that have left several horses dead and countless more suffering injuries.

The latest case, reported by Derbyshire police, saw a horse attacked in its field on Quarry Hill, Marsh Lane, Eckington.

The animal, which was kept with five others, was found by its owner suffering from puncture wounds and slash marks to its hindquarters. An emergency vet confirmed that the injuries were not self-inflicted, but had been caused an external source.

PC Nick Sigley from Dronefield Police says: “Unfortunately, it does appear that these types of attacks are on the increase. We need to keep an open mind about what is happening and would urge anyone who sees anything suspicious to get in touch — however trivial they think it is.”

Anyone who has any information should call Crimestoppers, free and in confidence (tel: 0800 555111).

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