“Unnecessary suffering” earns life ban

  • Owner baned from keeping horses for life after she is found guilty for the second time of causing unnecessary suffering to a pony.

    A Cheshire woman who has twice been prosecuted for causing unnecessary suffering to the same pony has now been banned for life from keeping horses.

    The case against Deena Khan at Stockport Magistrates Court was brought by the RSPCA. It followed a complaint from a member of the publicto the International League for the Protection of Horses.

    Investigating ILPH officer, Paul Teaside, visited the livery yard where Khan kept an 11.2 hh 13-year-old roan mare called Rhona.

    ” The little mare was in a pitiful state, her skin was stretched over a prominent spine and pelvic bones and she was covered in lice.

    “Ms Khan has got what she deserved, it’s just a shame that this poor little pony had to suffer twice before justice finally prevailed.”

    Two years ago Denna Khanwas successfully prosecuted for causing unnecessary suffering to the same pony, Rhona, and received a five-year ban from keeping equines.

    The pony was taken from her and removed to a place of safety where she was nursed back to health. Butthe Crown Court revoked the order and lifted the ban after an appeal by Deena Khan.

    The ILPH said the pony was returned to her in good condition only to be confiscated in an emaciated state 12 months later

    After the present case, the mare was taken to the ILPH Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre, Penny Farm, near Blackpool to be nursed back to health.

    The ILPH said the pony was taken later to a “more suitable location” because her lack of handling made her nervous and aggressive, which made it too dangerous for her to stay at the centre.

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