Two unidentified bodies found in livery yard muckheap

  • The bodies of two men were discovered buried in a pile of manure at a yard in Gary, just outside Chicago, last Sunday.

    The alarm was raised when a client at the yard saw a human foot protruding from the dung pile.

    An autopsy is due to be performed to determine the cause of death as, according to police reports, very little identifying information about the bodies could be gleaned.

    DC Michael Barnes of Gary police told the Chicago Sun Times that he was working with other police departments that may have received missing persons reports matching the descriptions of the two men.

    One victim appears to be a white male, but the other’s race and sex are unknown. It is also unknown what their respective causes of death were, when they died, or how long they’d been buried in the pile.

    “Because the men had been covered in manure, the time of their death is even more difficult to determine because the manure speeds decomposition,” DC Barnes explained.

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