Tuffa introduces the new Splosher waterproof boot

  • Tuffa has launched a new waterproof boot — the Splosher.

    The Splosher is a brand new mucker boot. It has a waterproof rubber sole and the top is made of Thermolite, designed to help protect feet from wet and cold. The Splosher is lined with fleece, and the touch and close straps are simple to fasten.

    “We were asked to create a mucker boot, and here it is,” said Michelle Girling from Tuffa.

    “The great thing about the Splosher is while it’s good for the winter, it’s also very wearable in the summer, as it’s light delto wear and will keep feet dry when the weather’s wetter than you’d like. We’re also sure it’ll look great with shorts in the summer.”

    The Splosher comes in navy in sizes 3-11 and retails at £25.00.

    For more information visit: www.tuffaboots.com.

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