Tube driver honoured after pet rescue

  • The RSPCA honours London Underground driver, Mike Fennessy, for saving the life of a dog hit by a train

    London Underground driver, Mike Fennessy, was re-united with the dog whose lifehe saved last year after it had been hit by a train.

    The reunion took place at an award ceremony this week when the RSPCA paid tribute to Mike with one of its top honours, a certificate of commendation.

    The dog, now renamed Mandy, had been running along the track when it was hit by a train near Seven Sisters station in London.

    Mike heard about the incident, told his passengers why he was going slowly and managed to find the semi-conscious dog and get it into his cab to clean up its wounds.

    Mike who has worked for London Underground for more than 30 years said: “Mandy was very lucky to live. I would just like to appeal to all dog owners to ensure that their pets are kept on leads when they are near stations or railway lines. Not only could a dog be electrocuted or hit, it could result in a train accident with passenger and staff fatalities.”

    Following the incident, Mandy was taken to an RSPCA hospital where she had an ear removed and has since been re-homed.

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