Track your horse’s relative online with new social networking site

  • Tracking your horse’s relatives could be made easier following the launch of a MyPetYourPet.net, the equine equivalent of “Friends Reunited”.

    Once horse owners register on the social networking site, they will be able to track the ancestors, relatives and offspring of their horse.

    Using a unique search facility, users can download an interactive equine family tree that provides up-to-date details, photographs and videos.

    “I’m excited about the launch of MyPetYourPet.net from a personal point of view as well as from a commercial one,” explained founder Julie Sharrocks.

    “I’ve always liked looking at the pedigrees and ancestors of my horses, but MyPetYourPet.net’s living, breathing family tree is much more exciting than any paper lineage could be.”

    In addition, breeders and previous owners can use the site to trace the progress of a horse or pony they have since sold or re-homed.

    “I am eagerly awaiting news of ponies I outgrew. I often reminisce about them and want to learn where they are now and whether they are well,” continued Julie.

    Visit: www.mypetyourpet.com

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