Top Welsh stud opens its doors

  • The internationally renowned Coed Coch stud is opening its doors for the WPCA’s centenary day

    Welsh pony enthusiasts have a unique opportunity to visit the infamous Coed Coch stud in Dolwen, near Abergele, Wales on Monday 29 July.

    One of the most influential studs in the breeding of Welsh Section A’s, Coed Coch was established in 1924 by Mr Williams-Wynn. Home to numerous top Section A and B’s, the stud was dispersed following Mr Williams-Wynn’s death in 1978.

    “The influence of Coed Coch ponies can be found all over the world,” explains event organiser Audrey Weaver. “This is a rare opportunity for people to experience first hand where so many top ponies were born and bred.”

    The event has been organised by the Clwyd Welsh Pony and Cob Association as part of the Welsh Pony & Cob Association’s centenary celebrations.

    “The highlight of the day will be a parade of 11 Coed Coch-prefixed ponies,” explains Audrey, secretary to the Clwyd association since it was launched 20 years ago. “The ponies range in age from 24 to 31 years of age. This is likely to be the last time so many Coed Coch ponies will be seen together.”

    Reproduction copies of the original dispersal sale catalogue will be on sale during the event, which will also include a parade of ponies with Coed Coch dams and sires.

    “Visiting the Coed Coach stud will be a once in a lifetime pilgrimage for many Welsh enthusiasts. We are expecting more than 1,000 people from around the world including Australia, America and South Africa to come and enjoy the day.”

    The Welsh Pony & Cob Association’s centenary celebrations should have taken place in 2001 but the FMD crisis forced events to be postponed until this year.

    “Although it was disappointing not to be able to hold the centenary day last year, we are delighted that Mr and Mrs Harry Featherstonehaugh, who now own Coed Coch, allowed us to stage the centenary day there this year instead.”

    The event will begin at 11am and will be signed from A55, junction 22. Entry costs £3 per person. For more details contact Audrey Weaver (tel: 01824 750256).

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