Top rider’s New Year resolutions

  • Event rider and Olympic squad member Rodney Powell: “To be nice and pleasant to everyone.”
  • Dressage rider and trainer Lizzie Murray: “To make sure the lorries are kept in good repair so that we do not breakdown on motorways with two or more horses on board.

    “Having broken down on most of the motorways in Europe last year I can say with authority that Italy is a particularly bad place for a motorway breakdown”

  • Paralympic gold medallist Lee Pearson described his New Year’s resolution to get more training.

    “I am now addicted to this,” explained Lee. “I think the horses feel wonderful and then the voice on the floor tells me they would look better if they were on the bit… back to more training!”

  • Endurance rider and team selector for 2001 Jo Trego: “To achieve my goals and aims I have set for the young horses and not give up halfway through the year for whatever reason – even if it is still raining.”
  • Grand prix dressage rider Peter Storr wants to: “develop more self-confidence in 2001”.
  • Show jumper Andy Austin: “To play more golf – at least once a week.”
  • Driving competitor, Barry Capstick : ” I don’t smoke andI am not giving up drinking, so my resolution is to try and be moretolerant and patient with other people.”
  • Showing specialist Lynn Russell described her New Year’s resolution as: “Gotta win more, gotta to sell more, gotta make more.”
  • Show jumper John Popely wants to: “win more classes and get back on the British team, as well as earning more money.”
  • Endurance rider Felicity Stockwell with King Of Reds: “To complete 100-mile a day race at the summersolstice in Ludlow in June and then get into the British reserve squad.”
  • Member of silver medal-winning eventing team in Sydney Jeanette Brakewell described her New Year’s resolution as: “To stop stealing all my owners’ lorries and tofind a sponsor who will provide one for me.”
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