Top equestrian centre for Britain

  • New plans have been unveiled for an extensive equestrian development at Stoneleigh

    A new British equestrian centre to compete with the facilities available overseas is to be developed at Stoneleigh, Warwicks, over the next 10 years.

    The new development is part of wide-ranging plans by the Royal Agricultural Society to develop the National Agricultural Centre as a nerve centre for rural enterprises.

    Planned development of the NAC’s existing all-weather arena and dedicated horsebox park include a world-class indoor arena complex, veterinary centre, offices which could accommodate breed societies and governing bodies for the disciplines, and specialist training facilities for Britain’s elite equestrian squads.

    Mike Calvert, RASE chief executive: “Our intention is to create an institute of the horse to rival those found overseas. We aim to offer a logical and practical solution for the horse industry – we have the space such a project would require, we have existing facilities and many of the relevant organisations are already on site.”

    The RASE has worked closely with the British Equestrian Federation to formulate the plans.

    Andrew Finding BEF chief executive said: “We are thrilled with the concept that the RASE has devised. We look forward to establishing a new focus for the horse which will improve competitive success and encourage participation in equestrian activities at every level.”

    There also plans for an annual “Celebration of the Horse” at the centre, which has been dubbed the “British Equestrian Institute” by the BEF, to include all equestrian sports, recreational activities, and breeds.

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