Tim Stockdale’s Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs has died

  • Tim Stockdale’s prolific winner Fresh Direct Glenwood Springs has died peacefully at home. He was 26 and died on Saturday (25 January).

    The bay gelding was one of the world’s best speed horses and won over 80 speed classes and more than £150,000 during his career. His most famous was at Olympia in the Speed Grand Prix in 2005.

    “Woody” was bought by John and Sue Bosher from The Netherlands in 1997 and only retired from competition at the age of 19 in 2007.

    The crowd favorite spent 5 years of his retirement at Tim’s Northamptonshire home, where his favourite thing was to drink buckets of hot water.

    “He came to us as a 9-year-old and stayed,” said Tim.

    “We found out later he had a severe heart murmer, but he loved his jumping and was still winning at 20 — you couldn’t find one with more heart.

    “He was a fantastic horse and a great friend. RIP old boy, I owe you so much.”

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