Tim Holderness-Roddam and Brian Higham win BEF medals

  • “Unsung” equestrian heroes Tim Holderness-Roddam and Brian Higham have been presented with British Equestrian Federation (BEF) medals of honour.

    The medals, which recognise outstanding achievement and contribution to the international equestrian world, were given last week at Badminton Horse Trials (Monday, 3 May).

    “The BEF is very proud of all the hard working individuals who make equestrian sport the success it is in this country,” said BEF chief executive Andrew Finding.

    “Brian and Tim are two of equestrian sport’s unsung heroes who work tirelessly in the background.”

    Mr Higham has completed more than 50 years service to the Duke of Beaufort estate, where Badminton Horse Trials is held.

    His role as a stud groom means he consistently turns out fit and sound horses for masters, hunt staff and visitors to the Duke of Beaufort’s hunt.

    And as stable manager for the Badminton Horse Trials he is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the stables.

    He is also a show judge and has been a council member of Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain.

    Tim Holderness-Roddam (who is married to former Olympic eventer Jane Holderness-Roddam) is currently chairman of the British Equestrian Federation Fund, a committee that raises money to support British riders and their horses at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    He is also the chairman of the Horse Trials Support Group (HTSG), a fund-raising organisation which he helped start over 30 years ago and of which he has been chairman for 20 years. The organisation has raised over £2.5 million to support event riders.

    He was on the business committee of British Eventing (BE) and has been a BE board director since March 2010.

    Mr Finding added: “They have both contributed over and above their specific roles in the equestrian community. Tim has always been a listening ear and is willing to help in any way he can; Brian has made an outstanding contribution to horsemastership and will be much missed when he retires this year.

    “We believe the medal of honour is a suitable mark of the outstanding contribution both these individuals have made to our sport.”

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