‘Thrilling’: take a virtual ride around the British Open with Harry Meade

  • Eventing fans can now “immerse themselves in the thrill” of riding the British Open course, without having to leave the sofa.

    Footage recorded by Harry Meade wearing a 360-degree camera provides a unique viewer experience.

    By using the cursor or a mobile device, viewers can navigate 360 views around the screen and watch Harry from every angle as he gallops around the track.

    The recording was taken by Harry last year (7 August) and has recently been released by his sponsor Land Rover.

    Harry rode Vrolijk (Dude) around part of the British Open track at Gatcombe prior to the competition and filmed the entire round.

    The top rider said 15-year-old Dude was unfazed by the camera, which Harry wore mounted on a harness on his upper body.

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    “With the British eventing season getting under way this weekend, long-term supporter of equestrian sport, Land Rover, has released the world’s first 360-degree virtual reality cross-country video,” said a Land Rover spokesman.

    “Featuring professional event rider, Harry Meade, viewers can immerse themselves in the thrill of riding around the British Open cross-country course at Gatcombe Park.”

    The film will also be available for equestrian fans to experience via an Oculus headset at various events this year, including as Royal Windsor Horse Show (10-14 May), the Festival of British Eventing (4-6 August) and the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials (31 August – 3 September).

    Public reaction

    The footage has caused a stir online, attracting thousands of likes, comments and shares on social media.

    “It’s like an old computer game!” Kelly-Joanne Mckellar commented on Facebook. “I feel like I need to press the space bar as he approaches a jump.”

    Gill Cattroll added: “He makes it look too easy! Trust me I have done some cross-country but not at this level — it is not easy.”

    Fellow Facebook user Kelly said: “Wow takes me back when I used to do eventing. Miss it so much.”

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