Teque-Style Performance Wear bought by Premier Equine

  • Teque-Style Performance Wear has been purchased by Premier Equine Int Ltd to enable the company to expand its range.

    Teque-Style was set up 10 years ago by former model turned designer Nikki Smart.

    Nikki developed Teque-Style’s range of bespoke riding shirts made from technical fabrics, which have been used by riders in the past two Olympic Games.

    The shirts will continue to be designed by Nikki and her team, materials will be UK sourced and manufacturing will continue in England.

    The company said the demand for Teque-Style to grow its performance range with more technical clothing for riding and a Teque-Style leisure range had been the deciding factor to sell to Premier Equine.

    Premier Equine can finance, warehouse and distribute the growth that is planned over the next five years and beyond.

    Premier Equine is well known for its Buster range of rugs and air-cooling and protection boots.

    Premier Equine’s managing director Clive Davies said: “Teque-Style is the number one brand in technical riding shirts, so we feel it was the perfect acquisition for us and a huge leap forward into a top end clothing sector where we want to be with the right brand and image.

    “Exciting times ahead for all of us and we look forward over the next few years to creating the vision of Teque-Style and presenting the dream.”

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