Team Fredericks switch to “fresh fodder” for their Olympic hopefuls

  • Clayton and Lucinda Fredericks say they have seen “great changes” in their horses since switching to a new feeding system.

    The Fredericks, based near Devizes, Wilts, have been using Fodder Solutions – a fresh feed diet – for several months.

    Clayton first saw the system in his native Australia. Now manufactured in the UK, Fodder Solutions Feeding Systems provides a daily supply of fresh feed.

    Barley seed is placed in special trays inside the system. Over a period of six days, the seed is irrigated and temperature-controlled and sprouts into an 8kg “mat” of fresh green feed.

    “The horses are a lot stronger and more supple, but in a relaxed way,” said Clayton.

    “I like the fact that I can increase quite significantly the amount of protein in their diet to build muscle without the risk of tying up.

    “The mares can get very stressy but they have been much more settled,” he added.

    Once the seeds have sprouted, the 8kg mat is pulled from the system and taken to the stables. The mat is put in the feeders for the horses to eat.

    For horses in competition work, additional seeds – such as sunflower and lupin – can be sprouted, provided higher levels of protein, oil and starch.

    Liam McGreevy of Fodder Solutions said the systems could be manufactured to any size, to suit both small and large yards.

    “We have several systems of various sizes feeding horses in UK and Irish yards from racing and carriage horses to happy hackers,” he said.

    “The feed is proving itself to be cost-effective and very beneficial to horses – which is shown in their condition and performance,” he added.

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