Susan George holds photography exhibition at Harrods

  • Actor and photographer Susan George, most famous for her role in the controversial 1971 film Straw Dogs with Dustin Hoffman, has a new exhibition of equine photography at Harrods, London in July.

    Combining her two great passions, horses and photography, Ms George’s work will be on show at Castle Fine Art in Harrods between July 16-30 under the title Spirit of Equus.

    She will be at the gallery on Thursday July 23 from 6.30pm – 8.00pm to talk about her work and life.

    She said: “From my earliest days as a performer on screen, to producing films, I have always had an eye for an image and a flair for taking pictures. I discovered I could learn so much about my horses’ attributes through the eye of a lens.”

    Ms George has acted in many films and TV series including The Persuaders with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis while owning an equine therapeutic product company and an internationally recognised stud farm called Georgian Arabians.

    Each of the 30 images in the exhibition has a very small edition size of either 25 or 50 copies.

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