Equine herpes virus survey launched for owners following flu outbreak

  • Owners are being urged to take part in a survey on the Equine herpes virus (EHV) to help improve understanding of the virus, and reduce the risk it poses.

    The survey, by animal health company Zoeitis Inc, has been launched as a result of the “concerns caused” by the recent flu outbreak.

    A spokesman for Zoeitis said: “Equine herpes virus is a contagious virus, which can cause respiratory disease, abortion and more rarely neurological disease. Infections can be associated with poor performance and have a potential effect on the health of the whole yard.

    “Once a horse is infected with EHV it can harbour the virus throughout its life and potentially spread the disease to others. Infected horses often don’t show outward signs of EHV infection but if they do, symptoms may include a high temperature, nasal discharge and a dry cough in younger horses.”

    The spokesman added that reducing the spread of EHV through management and vaccination is “key” to disease control.

    Wendy Talbot, national equine veterinary manager at Zoeitis, said: “EHV has potentially serious health, performance and financial implications across every sector of the equestrian industry.

    The aim of our survey is to find out more about horse owners’ awareness and understanding of the risks EHV poses. The results should help us identify the most effective prevention strategies and then ensure that they are accessible.”

    Owners have until 15 March to complete the survey (which can be found by clicking here) and those who take part can opt to enter a draw to win a bodywarmer.

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