Super-absorbent and easy-to-store horse bedding launched

  • A new super-absorbent horse bedding has been launched in the UK that makers claim is less wasteful, more hygienic and significantly more cost effective than many traditional beddings

    Verdo Horse Bedding is made from wood pellets that “fluff up” once sprayed with water after being spread in a stable.

    Because of the pellets’ absorbency, manufacturer Verdo Renewables UK claims the bedding is cleaner, less wasteful and easier to use than traditional materials such as wood shavings.

    “We believe this product will appeal to horse owners and stables managers across the country,” said Verdo Renewables UK sales manager Alistair McGlynn.

    “Not only do we think you get a lot more for your money, but the pellets are a lot less wasteful and make mucking out an easier, more pleasant experience.”

    The wood pellets are made by compressing dry sawdust and other wood residues under extremely high pressure.

    The combined low moisture content — typically less than 10% — and the highly compressed material makes the wood pellets around three to four times the density of wood chips.

    Verdo Horse Bedding also takes up significantly less storage space — the pellets come in 15kg bags. Manufacturers Verdo Renewables UK claim that a 65-bag pallet, which costs £270 including UK delivery, should provide six months’ supply for the average horse.

    For more information visit www.verdohorsebedding.co.uk

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