Stubbing Court Training launches online learning resource

  • An online learning resource has been launched by Stubbing Court Training (SCT).

    SCT provides training for the horse industry through apprenticeships. And the organisation has developed a training tool that is accessible to apprentices and employers – anywhere, any time.

    The training relates to best practice in horse care and management and supports SCT’s “literacy and numeracy, horse care – level two” and “horse care and management – level three” courses.

    As well as the key factual information in written format, there are video demonstrations and explanations from key figures including former Olympic eventer Ian Stark, course designer Mike Etherington Smith, eventer Mark Kyle and showjumpers George and Joe Whitaker.

    This online learning resource is designed to complement, support and enhance SCT’s apprentices’ practical training with employers.

    “The video clips clearly demonstrate a very high-level of horse care standards by using world-class professionals who apprentices and employers respect and relate well to,” said Ofsted inspector Stephen Brown.

    “The online resources are an invaluable opportunity for apprentices to gain knowledge of how the equine industry works at the highest level’.

    SCT’s Belinda Turner said: “We are extremely proud of this new online training resource. We hope this innovative way of learning and delivery will enhance professionaldevelopment and expertise, and inspire, motivate and encourage excellence.”

    Visit: http://itaspera.com/sct/

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