Spotlight on road safety

  • Horse & Hound magazine and BHS call on riders to take part in a Ride for Road Safety Day on 13 October

    Volunteer riders are being sought to join the campaign to improve safety for horses and riders on roads.

    Horse & Hound magazine and the British Horse Society are holding a “Ride for Road Safety” day on 13 October to help make motorists more aware of horses on the road.

    Six riders have already been killed this year and there are more than 3,000 accidents a year involving horses on the roads.

    “The situation appears to be getting worse,” said BHS spokeswoman, Nichola Gregory. “There’s an increase in traffic, an increase in speed and more people riding.”

    “We just want to get across to motorist how dangerous it is to go shooting past a horses with inches to spare, and just how terrifying it can be for the rider. “

    The organisers are also looking for people to help plan events in their areas.

    “People can take their horses on the road with foot supporters handing out leaflets to motorists or, they could organise something with their horses in the car parks of their local supermarkets,” suggested Nichola Gregory.

    The society stresses that riders have to play their part by wearing hi-viz gear, acknowledging drivers who slow down and taking the BHS Riding and Road Safety test.

    For more information contact BHS (tel: 08701 2019221).

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